2019 Edition Guide

ISBN 978-9920-38-310-3
D.L .: 2019MO4123 Update of the 2017 edition. New chapters, new content and new photographs. This book was presented at Laâyoune in March 2020.


Legal deposit: 2019MO3317 ISBN 978-9920-38-026-3 Small publication on the artisan complex of the city of Laâyoune. It consists of 27 pages where the different rooms that make up this building are described, with special emphasis on the artisans

Provincia de Tarfaya

Guide to the province of Tarfaya consisting of 65 pages in Spanish and Arabic. General description of the province with detailed information on the different municipalities and communities that comprise it. It is distributed free of charge and can be purchased at the offices of the province of Tarfaya.

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