Project work

Guide to travel through the South of Morocco, edition 2022, with all the updated information about hotels, accommodation and what to visit

This is a work carried out in 2019 focused mainly on promoting tourism in the Gulimín Oued-Noun region. It covers the provinces of Sidi Ifni, Assa-Zaj, Gulimín and Tantán. A non-existent book that should be published in 2022.

Technical book where the most important desert tracks in southern Morocco are indicated through maps, images and sketches, from Ifni to BirGanduz in the Dakhla region. This work is oriented to adventure trips, 4 × 4, motorcycles, bicycles, etc.

This book is based on an unfinished work in 2008. It is basically a travel guide to the most important places where the marabouts of the great Saints of Morocco are found. From Fez to further south to Dakhla. In total more than 50 places of historical interest to visit.

In the middle of the last century several books were written on this subject: on the one hand a plant guide and on the other a small notebook where the location of the main water wells found in the desert was indicated, most of them built at the time . In this work we try to show the wells that exist today.

Book aimed at promoting the province of Smara with special attention to the richness of its archaeological heritage and also to its unstoppable development in both infrastructures and industry.

The old and the current. Location, characteristics, water quality, etc.